Legally speaking FORSALE functions as an auction house, yet it is a piece of art.

Due to legal and economical reasons we are a pilot project of what in the future could be an innovative company leading the way in the theatre economy. Owner of the FORSALE Performance Auction House is BUNKER – non profit organisation for the realizations and organization of cultural events.

What does that mean? That does not mean FORSALE Performance Auction House is not an auction house. It simply means it’s not a stand-alone unit but developed together with the theatre production house. 

Consider FORSALE as a piece of art which has the power to influence society with an innovative way of thinking and can make an impact on the art market economy with a brand new business model for theatre performances and other ephemeral works. 

We have been working with a team of lawyers, legal advisors and economists that have created a legal agreement which needs to be sign with each new owner after the live auction in the company of artists, producers and legal advisors. 

The performance has been analysed and divided in different assets. Each person will become the owner of the element of the performance and with this gesture become part of the collective ownership. 

By acquiring a lot you own part of the performance that might be composed of material or immaterial components (specification may be found in the section of lots). With the ownership you acquire rights and responsibilities which you need to perform in the collaboration with other owners, artists and producers in the so-called collective ownership.

FORSALE Performance Auction House constructed a legal framework where auctioned theatre performance can only exist in its originality if there is a collaboration between the owners of the lots. 

New owners of the lots need to collaborate with the artists and producers in order to keep the performance alive. Within collective ownership you become part of the ecosystem of persevering theatre art works.

In fact, you can behave with the material or immaterial works of theatre performance as you would behave with the piece of visual art – you can exhibit it in the environment of your own home or in the gallery. 

What is special about the ownership of the theatre performances is the use of material or immaterial as a ready-made for your next performance. Legally you need to follow the contract and always be referencing the author of the work, the name of the performance and authors of the performance. 

Requesting the contract before you acquire a lot is a standard procedure on the art market.

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If you want your theatre performance or ephemeral art work to be auction by FORSALE send the following information by email

  • Title of the performance 
  • Year of the creation 
  • Video documentation of the performance

FORSALE Performance Auction House developed strategies for appraising the value of theatre performances. With our knowledge you can reach the answer of the value of your theatre performance. 

We provide appraisals free of charge. For more information write to us on