Forsale was established in 2020 by theatre maker Lea Kukovičič as a conceptual artwork radicalising the economics of theatre and as an answer to the question of the value of theatre performances today. By 2021 FORSALE became Performance Auction House, the world’s first auction house auctioning theatre performances.  

Performance Auction House FORSALE created a context, system of values, an infrastructure and a new way to preserve theatre performances. By understanding the dramaturgy of the global economy and the economy of the art market we reformulated ownership of theatre performances to include them in the global art market. 

The main strategy of giving an added value to the theatre performances is FORSALES’s new model of documenting theatre art works which is creating a possibility to invest in a new legacy. We propose a community of collective ownership and we empower the international community of collectors, investors and connoisseurs to discover, acquire, finance and be part of the ecosystem of persevering theatre art works.

Lea Kukovičič

Artistic Director

Alma R. Selimović

CEO & Creative Producer

Tamara Bračič Vidmar

Head of PR

Janez Janša

Theatre Expert

Tevž Logar

Art Expert & Advisor

Sodja Zupanc Lotker

Artistic Advisor & Dramaturg

Bogomir Kovač

Economic Advisor

Dino Bauk

Legal Advisor

Goran Medjugorac


Cristina Maldonado


Tina Bonča

Set Designer


Phone: 00 386 1 231 44 92

Address: Slomškova 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia